Jonathan Trappe Embarks on New Cluster Balloon World Record Across Atlantic


The world is watching with bated breath as American pilot Jonathan Trappe attempts to cross the atlantic with only a few cluster balloons and a boat to keep him in the air.

In Trappe’s own words, from his website, :

“I have been looking at an epic challenge– one that honestly may prove to be beyond me. I have been looking at it for years, and I’ve changed my entire life to make it happen. As I write these words, I am in the State of Maine, the jumping-off point for our trans-Atlantic expedition. I left my longtime home, came across country, and worked with my company so I can be here and prepare to fly. Why so much?

Because it will be a flight like no other.

It has been a generation since anyone has crossed the Atlantic Ocean from the United States using only helium. In fact, the last person to do it was the great balloonist Colonel Joe Kittinger, in 1984. Decades have passed, and no one has made the crossing from the USA using only helium since.

Nobody has ever made a flight like this, using only small helium balloons – in manned flight – across the ocean.”



The Fiesta Fringe team would like to wish him luck with his challenge, and we will be following his progress online!


About abovebristol

For years, Bristol has been synonymous as the spiritual home of hot air ballooning, but very few people know about the pilots inside the baskets. We want to change that. Above Bristol will produce, curate and commission projects that centre around ballooning, Bristol and its residents. It gives balloonists a chance to tell the local community about their sport, hobby and passion. It provides a platform and context for their work, challenging and expanding expectations about the experience of flight and how the city is read from the sky. The key aim is to bridge the gap between the people on the ground and in the sky, creating a chance to interact, through the display of objects, photos, stories and facts. It will show how inclusive/accessible the sport is, bringing ballooning to the public in ways that have not been previously explored.
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